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I am a speech therapist who owns a speech therapy practice in Victory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. I work with children and adults with communication impairments. I also conduct medico-legal assessments. Please click here to read about me, my qualifications, my interests and what I do.

Speech therapy addresses a wide variety of problems that children and adults experience. I assess and treat children and adults with speech and/or language impairments. Click here to read about the services I offer.

I carry out medico-legal assessments under instruction from legal firms when considering compensation for clients who have sustained personal injury. Please click here for more information if you are an attorney or advocate or if you are an individual seeking legal assistance with regard to compensation.

I have written pages and pages of information about speech and language problems, hearing, auditory processing, various diagnoses, and have tons of advice about when to seek speech therapy. Click here to be taken to a list of topics.

Humanitarian Speech-Language Therapy, Johannesburg, South Africa.

I started and run an organisation that provides augmentative speech-language therapy services to speech-language therapists who work in under-resourced contexts. Speech-language therapists in private practice volunteer some of their time to work in these contexts, and lessen the load that the SLTs carry. They also offer free information, training, support and mentoring to their colleagues in these contexts. At this stage, we only focus on Johannesburg and its surrounds, and only on services where existing SLT services are in place. For more information, please go to

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