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Medico-legal Speech-Language, AAC, and  Feeding-Swallowing Assessments

I conduct comprehensive assessments (for plaintiff and defendant) including speech-language, feeding and swallowing, and AAC (alternative and augmentative communication). I do not do hearing tests in my practice.


I have years of clinical experience as well as academic knowledge in the fields of paediatric and adult traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome and related congenital syndromes, and Retinopathy of Prematurity. I have conducted research and have published articles in international and local journals on topics related to CP and to TBI.

I am able to conduct medico-legal assessments in all languages because I work with highly trained interpreters to ensure that the information about my clients is in-depth and valid.

Please contact me for appointments, Ts and Cs, and fees by phoning me on 0832641697 or by e mail

I  completed the SAMLA UCT Course "Foundations of medico-legal practice" in 2018.

(Should you wish to lodge a claim, please Google "personal injury attorney" . I do not clients to attorneys, but will provide you with information only.)

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