Speech therapy in my practice

I provide speech-language therapy to children and adults who live with communication impairments. 


Speech and language are very complex skills and so therapy takes time. Sometimes we can take a couple of sessions to meet our goals; sometimes therapy can take a few months; and sometimes therapy can go on for years. It all depends on (1) what the problems are (2) what are goals are (3) how change progresses.

There are different ways we can go about selecting the frequency and intensity of therapy.

I usually see clients on a weekly basis.  Some clients benefit from one session per week, but others may benefit from more frequent therapy (e.g. two or three times per week).


For out of town clients, I conduct intensive blocks of therapy. For example, some clients come for therapy every day for 3 weeks and then again 6 months or a year later. I do not do internet-based therapy.


Therapy sessions last 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the individual.


The type and amount of intervention depend on the age of the client, the type of communication impairment, the learning style and skills of the client, and many other factors. I constantly re-assess the progress of my clients.


I work with other members of the team where available (e.g. physiotherapists, teachers, occupational therapists, audiologists, social workers, psychologists, paediatricians etc.)